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Cumulus Rapidly Connects Partners Together

A powerful collaboration and interoperability hub, Cumulus helps you quickly establish collaboration projects, invite partners to join, automate workflows and share information – regardless of which IT systems everyone uses.

Cumulus helps you start collaborating quickly rather than spending precious time on IT. You and your partners will quickly begin to share referrals, collaborate together and improve outcomes - because Cumulus makes it easy!

Built with interoperability in mind, Cumulus is designed to facilitate data sharing using modern HL7 FHIR standards, while also making it easy for partners using legacy systems to participate.

Inspired at its inception through work with Aging Ahead, Missouri’s largest Area Agency on Aging, Cumulus enables multidisciplinary teams and networks of partners to securely share information, collaborate, assess clients automate workflows among teams, and optimize closed-loop social care referrals.

For interoperability pros

The Cumulus platform is uniquely suited to serve as an Interoperability Hub. In the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) arena, for instance, Cumulus includes HL7 FHIR capabilities for referrals, activities, care plans, service authorizations and service utilization. Cumulus’ interoperability features include FHIR ServiceRequests using SNOMED-CT. Cumulus includes terminology and taxonomy mapping features and enhanced support for the Open Resource Human Service Data API.

To enhance collaboration among partners, Cumulus includes architectural elements for scalability and replicability that enable organizations to freely subscribe to data exchange through Cumulus and operate independently while collaborating with each other through sponsored “projects” with user-established exchange criteria. This collaboration is enabled through FHIR-based integrations within Cumulus, including the ability for organizations to utilize a self-service model to register SMART on FHIR Backend Service clients. The model includes support for Cumulus to be launched using the SMART App Launch pattern, as well as support for FHIR RESTful APIs.

For security pros

Cumulus leverages the HITRUST CSF certified Azure Healthcare Cloud, which is HITRUST CSF certified to help store PHI in accordance with HIPAA and GDPR requirements and meet ONC and CMS mandates. Cumulus benefits from Azure’s multi-layered security and redundancy across physical data centers, infrastructure, and operations.

Leadership Team

John Byer

John Byer

Chief Executive Officer | (833) 226-4353

John Byer is passionate about leveraging data and technology to improve outcomes through innovation and interoperability. Focused on delivering for customers, Mr. Byer has a 25-year track record of success in technology for the Health and Human Services sector.

Tom Laba

Tom Laba

President | (833) 226-4353

A seasoned technology veteran, Tom Laba has decades of experience delivering technology and applications that meet customers’ mission-critical needs. Innovative and creative, Mr. Laba is dedicated to the belief that technology should be a multiplier for his customers’ success.

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"The Cumulus platform makes it easy for our partners to share information, assign tasks, track progress, and improve outcomes".

Lisa Knoll, Aging Ahead CEO
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