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Cumulus is the flexible collaboration hub that is easy to use and fast to deploy. Communicate with partners and teams, assess clients, automate referrals, and manage community events – regardless of which IT systems participants are using.

Here are some great examples of how Cumulus can turbo charge partnerships:

Intakes, Screenings, Assessments, Referrals

Imagine one easy-to-use hub for intakes of clients served by multiple teams, partners and programs that securely sends referrals where they need to go and tracks what happens next.

Cumulus is the collaboration hub that enables organizations, partners, and provider networks to securely assess clients, share information, automate workflows, streamline social care referrals, and improve outcomes for the people they serve - even when organizations use different IT systems.

Cumulus is agnostic about which case management systems or EHRs partners use, making it easy for them to participate by using the hub directly or through interoperability with the Cumulus HL7 FHIR interface - whatever is best for the partner.

Multidisciplinary Teams/SDOH

In state after state, community-based organizations are forming partnerships to improve outcomes for the clients they serve through Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) collaborations. Local hospitals, behavioral health providers, area agencies on aging, food shelf programs, homeless services groups, and other CBOs want to easily, quickly and securely share information, collaborate and coordinate.

Imagine a hospital-based social worker assisting with discharge planning for a single mother experiencing food insecurity and substance use challenges who is at risk of being homeless. In many cases, the social worker must rely on fragmented phone calls and emails, cobbling together community-based resources to positively impact potential outcomes. Because their community partners all use different IT systems.

Cumulus dramatically improves the likelihood of successful outcomes by enabling the social worker and other care team members to securely and instantly alert community partners about individuals’ SDOH needs – improving outcomes by quickly arranging for the right supports at the right time.

Provider Networks

Community-based organizations (CBOs) are essential for supporting the diverse needs of individuals and families in our communities. Outcomes are enhanced by integrated networks of multidisciplinary teams working together.

Community Care Hubs and lead agencies coordinate unified approaches for the diverse services offered by a wide range of CBOs, expanding access to social determinants of health-related services and the alignment of health care and social services.

Cumulus enables multidisciplinary teams to share referrals, coordinate activities and track outcomes while linking social service networks with each other and with health care systems. All without forcing partners to adopt, implement, and learn a complex new IT solution. Cumulus helps streamline the setup and configuration process - partners can start securely collaborating quickly without a traditional time-consuming implementation project.

The Cumulus team works with customers to efficiently configure workflows that route referrals and information to the right partners based on flexible rules. These can include geographic locations/jurisdictions, risk factors, identified needs, days of the week, or virtually any combination of other factors desired.

Because Cumulus has interoperability in its DNA, Cumulus can help CBO networks to securely share information and collaborate via direct interfaces to whatever IT systems they already use, and Cumulus also includes its own easily accessible secure dashboards and reports.

Elder Justice/APS

Cumulus helps multidisciplinary teams work together to protect adults at risk of abuse, exploitation and neglect. Law enforcement, financial institutions, community-based organizations and state Adult Protective Services agencies all tend to use different IT systems – making collaboration cumbersome at best. Cumulus enables secure, efficient and effective communication among elder justice partners to protect vulnerable adults when they need it most.

Human Services Assessments

Easily and securely deploy your assessment tools to your care teams across devices (PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones). Cumulus makes it easy to automate your assessment tools, whatever they might be. And Cumulus is designed to integrate with your case management system, enabling your team to leverage easy-to-use, modern online assessments without having to replace your current systems.

Data Sharing/Interoperability

Cumulus has interoperability in its DNA and is uniquely positioned to serve software vendors, state agencies and community-based providers as their SDOH Interoperability Hub.

Turbocharge partnerships

Let Cumulus elevate your collaboration with partners to new levels and improve outcomes for your shared clients.

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