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California ADRC Picks Cumulus


The Sonoma County Human Services Department, Adult and Aging Division, a core partner of the Sonoma County Aging & Disability Resource Hub, has chosen Cumulus as its collaboration and referral solution to link community partners together, streamline closed-loop referrals and improve outcomes for people served.

Cumulus will facilitate referrals among partners, automate intakes and screenings, and optimize assignment of tasks, activities and services. Cumulus’ unique approach encourages ongoing collaboration and tracking progress on social care referrals. Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting will be facilitated through Cumulus, as will oversight, monitoring and measures.

“We require an easy-to-use referral and workflow solution, including streamlining collaboration among partners and tracking related outcomes. The Cumulus platform is designed for exactly the kind of interdisciplinary work, screening, partner communications and closed-loop referrals our No-Wrong-Door hub has envisioned.”

–Gary Fontenot, Section Manager - Sonoma County Human Services Department Adult and Aging Services

The Sonoma County Aging & Disability Resource Hub provides people of all ages, income levels, and abilities with equitable access to information, assistance, and supports needed to live as independently as possible at home.

“Our team is delighted to be working with the Sonoma County Aging & Disability Resource Hub and its network of partners, Cumulus’ modern design helps our customers quickly achieve what have been stubborn goals to positively impact social determinants of health and long-term services and supports outcomes.”

–John Byer, Cumulus CEO

To be successful, Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) and No Wrong Door models must make it convenient for partners to participate and be easy-to-use. As the need for multidisciplinary collaboration increases, the importance of intuitive, automated screening and assessments, secure data sharing and meaningful social care closed-loop referrals will continue to grow in importance.

The Sonoma County Aging & Disability Resource Hub is dedicated to achieving these capabilities in order to enable success for the people it serves.

Sonoma County Human Services Department

The Sonoma County Human Services Department (HSD) strives to support the health, safety and well-being of individuals, families and the community. Every day, programs and services benefit more than 100,000 seniors, veterans, adults, teens, children and people with disabilities.


Cumulus is the flexible collaboration hub that enables organizations, partners, and provider networks to securely share information, automate workflows among teams, assess clients, streamline social care referrals, and improve outcomes for the people they serve - even when organizations are using different IT systems. Inspired at its inception through work with Aging Ahead, Missouri’s largest Area Agency on Aging, Cumulus enables collaborations like multidisciplinary teams, grant initiatives, Community Care Hubs, ADRCs, elder justice collaboratives, and emergency response coordination. The intuitively flexible Cumulus approach makes it easy for partners to participate – by using the hub directly or through interoperability with the Cumulus HL7 FHIR interface. Please contact us to learn more!

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Aging Ahead has chosen Cumulus to optimize outcomes for its large, multi-county Veteran Directed Care (VDC) program, a partnership with the St. Louis VA Health Care System. As Missouri’s largest Area Agency on Aging, Aging Ahead has overseen its broadly successful VDC program in the greater St. Louis region since 2014.

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Leading Community Care Hub picks Cumulus


Bay Aging and VAAACares® have chosen Cumulus for Virginia’s Community Care Hub. The Cumulus platform will be used to process incoming referrals, assign tasks to staff and partners, conduct client assessments, manage care plans, track activities, optimize billing, and monitor performance.

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