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Cumulus Chosen for Minnesota APS Direct Services Program


Trellis and its partners have chosen Cumulus for the Minnesota Wraparound for Adult Protective Services Clients (WRAPS Resources) initiative. Designed to provide home- and community-based services and supports for clients of county-based APS programs, WRAPS Resources’ goal is to help individuals remain in the least restrictive environment and improve their quality of life and health. The Cumulus hub will connect APS investigators to Area Agency on Aging (AAA) workers through rapid closed loop referrals and ongoing collaboration.

Cumulus will streamline processes for APS investigators to create service requests for clients they’re working with. Cumulus will automatically route the service request to the appropriate AAA teams who will easily retrieve them through the Cumulus hub. AAAs will initiate services, helping to improve outcomes for clients being served by APS. In addition to Trellis, three other Minnesota AAAs, Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging, Dancing Sky Area Agency on Aging and Southeastern Minnesota Area Agency on Aging, will participate in this important collaboration.

“Success with the WRAPS Resources program under aggressive timelines is essential for our county and state partners. Ease-of-use, cutting-edge workflow automation and the ability to be quickly deployed make Cumulus a perfect choice as our platform. The fact that Missouri APS uses Cumulus successfully for a similar initiative is another plus.”

–John Doan, Trellis Vice President of Operations and Equity

A leader in integrating social care with medical care and the Area Agency on Aging for the Twin Cities region, Trellis strives to meet opportunities and challenges of an older population with new solutions and partnerships.

Cumulus will encourage collaboration, automate workflows and assignment of tasks, and provide effortless closed loop updates regarding each referral. Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting will be facilitated through Cumulus, as will oversight, monitoring and measures.

“It’s gratifying for the Cumulus team to support Minnesota’s important WRAPS Resources program. Helping our customers to improve outcomes for the people they serve is our passion – it’s hard to imagine a program that exemplifies this more than WRAPS Resources. We appreciate Trellis’ leadership with bringing it to fruition.”

–Tom Laba, Cumulus President

Trellis strives to meet opportunities and challenges of an older population with new solutions and partnerships. Trellis leads the charge on health and social care integration to produce better life and health outcomes — and doing so in a way that delivers crucial services while containing exploding costs.


Trellis’ mission is to assist individuals to age well and develop the capacity of communities to care for an aging population. Through partnerships with community organizations and healthcare organizations, Trellis works to produce more positive outcomes for individuals and communities and is committed to reducing disparities in access and ensuring equity and inclusivity.


Cumulus is the flexible collaboration hub that enables organizations, partners, and provider networks to securely share information, automate workflows among teams, assess clients, streamline social care referrals, and improve outcomes for the people they serve - even when organizations are using different IT systems. Inspired at its inception through work with Aging Ahead, Missouri’s largest Area Agency on Aging, Cumulus enables collaborations like multidisciplinary teams, grant initiatives, Community Care Hubs, ADRCs, elder justice collaboratives, and emergency response coordination. The intuitively flexible Cumulus approach makes it easy for partners to participate – by using the hub directly or through interoperability with the Cumulus HL7 FHIR interface.

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