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Cumulus welcomes Lance Robertson and Matt Salo to Advisory Board


Cumulus is excited to welcome the Honorable Lance Robertson and Matt Salo to its Advisory Board. The Cumulus Advisory Board provides advice and guidance on matters of strategy and execution, enhancing Cumulus’ ability to achieve goals and best serve its customers.

Lance Robertson is former US Assistant Secretary for Aging and Administrator of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Administration for Community Living (ACL) from 2017-2021. A US Army veteran who received 100% bipartisan confirmation from the Senate when appointed to his HHS position in 2017, Robertson served as the nation’s gerontologist and lead for aging and disability issues.

Managing the agency’s $4 billion budget, nationwide team, 36 programs, and a research institute, Mr. Robertson collaborated with key stakeholders to help older adults and people with disabilities live and work independently in the community. In doing so, he spearheaded initiatives linking health with human services and social determinants; launched the agency-wide Disability Collaborative, the National Center for Person-Centered Thinking, Planning, and Practice, and the Multi-Agency Task Force on Increasing Disability Employment; and led significant work with the White House Domestic Policy Council.

Mr. Robertson is a healthcare Partner at Guidehouse, an international consulting firm with a comprehensive suite of advisory, digital, and managed services to drive innovation, growth, and resiliency.

"Successful health outcomes depend more and more on the integration of medical care with Social Determinants of Health, especially for Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) - the fastest growing healthcare sector. A stubborn obstacle has been bridging medical and SDOH models well, regardless of which IT systems are used. Not to mention enabling easy collaboration among social care partners. I’m looking forward to helping the Cumulus team solve these challenges in modern, secure, and interoperable ways."

–The Honorable Lance Robertson

Matt Salo is the founder and CEO of Salo Health Strategies, a boutique healthcare consulting firm in the Washington DC area that specializes in strategic advice, health care policy, Medicaid market development and relationship building across 56 states and US territories.

Mr. Salo was the founding Executive Director of the National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD), having started the association in February 2011, and he worked in that role until stepping down in August 2022. NAMD represents the state government leaders responsible for administering Medicaid programs, including the more than $200 billion expended for Medicaid-funded LTSS in 2020 alone.

Matt formerly spent 12 years at the National Governors Association (NGA), where he worked on the Governors’ health care and human services reform agendas. His major accomplishments included getting legislation passed that guaranteed state control of the entire $250 Billion tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, which resulted in Forbes Magazine naming NGA one of the nation’s top ten most influential lobbying organizations.

"The growing importance of improving outcomes for Medicaid-funded LTSS models couldn’t be clearer. Helping state Medicaid programs and their managed care partners to better integrate social care and medical models is an essential need. It’s exciting to see the Cumulus platform stepping up in new ways to meet this critical gap."

–Matt Salo, CEO Salo Health Strategies

The Advisory Board helps Cumulus position its products and services to add the most value for LTSS and social care stakeholders, providing valued advice, guidance, and input.

"The Cumulus team is thrilled to welcome Lance and Matt to our Advisory Board. The need for multidisciplinary collaboration, including the integration of medical and social care, is soaring. Because our unique approach helps groups more easily meet these needs in new ways, Cumulus is enjoying a period of rapid growth. The timing is perfect for us to build upon our circle of trusted advisors."

–John Byer, CEO Cumulus

About Cumulus

Cumulus is the secure cloud-based social care collaboration platform that links multidisciplinary care teams while being agnostic about the EHRs or case management systems used by partners. Cumulus excels at optimizing screenings, assessments, workflows, and social care referrals, enabling multidisciplinary teams and networks of partners to securely collaborate on the clients they serve together.

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